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How it works

  1. If you find a property on our website you are interested in you can e-mail us any questions concerning said property. Umbria Dreamhouse will contact you with answers or, if necessary, verify the questions. Next, Umbria Dreamhouse will contact the estate agent involved to explain your questions and to assure you receive a correct and detailed response. If a particular question requires more time, you will be informed immediately. On request, Umbria Dreamhouse can send you the name and registration data of the estate agent.
  2. Umbria Dreamhouse will contact you with the answers to your questions and any additional information provided by the estate agent.
  3. If you are still interested in the property, Umbria Dreamhouse can arrange a viewing of one or more houses that are presented on the website. Umbria Dreamhouse will organize a viewing timetable and ensure that estate agents are present to show you the property. Any questions that arise during a viewing shall be dealt with on the spot with the assistance of Umbria Dreamhouse.
  4. Other than offering translation, we do not intervene with the negotiations between the client and the estate agent. All formal business regarding the sale will be performed by the estate agent. Please click on PURCHASING IN ITALY in the main menu for a more detailed overview of the formal business. There is no extra charge for the assistance by Umbria Dreamhouse in buying a property. In Italy both the property seller and buyer pay the estate agent commission. If and when you purchase a property you pay the estate agent 3 per cent of the selling price.