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Many people dream of purchasing a house in Italy. Some want a private holiday home, others want to also rent it out. And why not? The areas Umbria, Marche and Tuscany are gorgeous, the surroundings are beautiful and the mentality of the people on the whole is open and friendly. All three regions are attractive in their own way, each with a distinctive landscape, culture, way of life, tourism, and own eating and drinking habits.

It is important to have an idea of your wishes and needs before you start searching for your dream house. Some important topics are property size and looks and do you want to be nearby a town or out in the sticks? Being close to an airport, shops and the accessibility of the property in all seasons should also be considered. Umbria Dreamhouse can help you define your needs and help target your search making the probability of success far more likely.

We would like to emphasize that the support we provide is performed entirely according to Italian laws and regulations.